Karlovac, 23-24.09.2023.


Cat Fanciers Club „Felis Croatia“ (KMFC) invites you to participate on WCF World Show
(License L#234098 – Europe Continent WorldShow)

International judges:
  • Mrs. Aneliese Hackmann, Germany (AB, WCF)
  • Mrs. Cornelia Hungerecker, Germany (AB, WCF)
  • Mrs. Tatjana Černova, Latvia  (AB, WCF)
  • Mr. Kaai du Plessis, Netherlands (AB, WCF)
  • Mrs. Beverly Elian, Romania (AB, WCF)
  • Mrs. Aija Nuke, Latvia (AB, WCF)
  • Mr. Cezary Springer, Poland (AB, WCF)
  • Mr. Jürgen Trautmann, Germany (AB, WCF)
  • Mrs. Marion Meister, Germnay (AB, WCF)
  • Mrs. Jelena Lavrentyeva, Latvia (AB, WCF)
Economic and Tourism School in Karlovac – Sports Hall
Ul. Frana Kurelca 2
47000 Karlovac
Co-organizing WCF clubs:
Le PETit – RS-0287
HungaroCat – HU-0258
1 day 2 days
Adult, Kitten, Junior 50€ 50€
Neuter, Household, etc. 40€ 40€
Litter 125€ 125€
WCF Ring 10€ (one day) 20€ (both days)
Master/Double/Triple rings (Sunday) 20€ per Ring
double club cage for 1 cat not allowed not allowed
own cage longer than 90cm per cat 30€

(registering litter assumes all kittens having the traditional judging free of charge – enter each kitten separately writing “in litter” into notes for each application. It does NOT include the WCF ring for the kittens)


  • number of cats (discount applies only on traditional judging fee)
    • 1st – 2nd cat – no discount
    • 3rd4th cat – 15% discount
    • 5th8th cat – 50% discount
    • 9th and further – FREE
Fun Shows

none this time….

Special conditions:
  1. The right to participate have only the cats entered in the Show Catalogue.
  2. The right to participate have only exhibitors having no debt to KMFC!
  3. The Show Catalogue closes on 08.09.2023. at 23:59.
  4. After that day, late entries will be possible for extra fee of 20% on the total amount.
  5. After 01.09.2023, no refunds will be made! Exhibitors must pay a fee for a cat without exception, whether the cat will be judged or be absent.
  6. For each cat placed in the catalogue, the exhibitor is obliged to pay the fee! All the payments have to be made within 3 days of the registration. The payments will not be accepted during the Show.
  7. In the unpredictable circumstances (Fors-Major) the exhibitor can once replace the applied cat after 01.09.2023, but cannot be refunded.
  8. Cats that have not passed the veterinary control are not allowed to be financially recompensed.
  9. Club cages need to be decored!
Payment details:

Gjure Szaba 4, Zagreb
IBAN: HR9225000091101510713

(every exhibitor will be contacted by the Organizer with the calculations of the costs after the registration so please don’t make the payments on your own)

Show hotels:

There are a few you can find on Google or Booking….

Application form: