Cat Fanciers Club „Felis Croatia“ invites you to participate on WCF International Cat Show (License L# 214066 – EUROPE CONTINENT SHOW).

The show will be held on September 18. i 19. this year in Zagreb Fair (Avenija Dubrovnik 15,  Zagreb, Croatia)


International judges:

Mrs. Anneliese Hackmann, Germany (AB, WCF)

Mr. Dieter Meister, Germany (AB, WCF)

Mrs. Brigitte Pepermans, Belgium (AB, WCF)


2 days – 2 judgements, 2 Best-in-Show, WCF-rings, MASTER Ring, Breed Shows (BRI/BLH, BEN, MCO, NFO, RAG, SIB)!!!

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Participation in the Master-Ring 

Cats, which received the 1st and 2nd place in WCF-Rings, are entitled to participate in the Master-Ring. Price 12 Euro


Members of KMFC have 20% discount on the listed prices

popusti tablica En

** Calculations of the price for KMFC members is done so that the original price is reduced for 20% and then the extra discounts for the third and more cats are applied.

Extra charges:

Cage for a single cat: 10 EUR

Double cage for a single cat: 20 EUR 

Color determination: 10 EUR


Participation at the Show is allowed for all the cats older than 3 months (litters included) with pedigrees of WCC members, having the document (Passport) with visible obligatory vaccines (for the given age).

WCF-Rings (both days)

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Breed Shows (both days)

 British shorthair/longhair, Ragdoll, Bengal, Siberian/Neva Masquerade, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest

(minimum of 10 cats are needed for a breed show)

Special conditions:

  1. The right to participate have only the cats entered in the Show Catalogue
  2. The Show Catalogue closes on 15.09.2021.
  3. After that day, no changes will be made in the Catalogue. All the payments have to be made before the Show. The payments will not be accepted during the Show.
  4. The cats will enter the Catalogue if the payment is made within 2 days of the cat application.
  5. The prices with discounts are valid only up to the given date with all the payments made in the given time frame. The Secretary can allow the discounted prices for the payments after up to 7 days after application (but not later than 15.09.2021) only after receiving the special request.
  6. In the unpredictable circumstances (Fors-Major) the exhibitor can once replace the applied cat before the Show.
  7. Cats that have not passed the veterinary control are not allowed to be financially recompensed.

Link for entry wcfcatonline form:

or fill the form:

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  2. The data will remain permanently stored on the server, by sending you confirm its accuracy.

Name: KMFC
Adress: Gornje Prekrizje 42b, 10000 Zagreb
IBAN: HR9225000091101510713

Bank name: Addiko bank
Bank adress: Slavonska avenija 6, Zagreb, Croatia