Felis Croatia Cat Show 01

Participation at the Show is allowed for all the cats older than 3 months (litters included) with pedigrees of WCC members, having the document (Passport) with visible obligatory vaccines (for the given age).

Period of notification:

All entries must be received by not later than, 12 February 2022. Any late applications are subject to a LATE PAYMENT FEE. Please make sure to register your cat on time.

WCF Judges:

Elena Federenco

Mrs. Elena Fedorenko
WCF All Breed Judge

wcf J n 1

Mr. Cezary Springer
WCF All Breed Judge

wcfj n 1

Mrs. Tatyana Diatschuk
WCF All Breed Judge

Special conditions:

  • All the payments have to be made before the Show. The payments will not be accepted during the Show.
  • The right to participate have only the cats entered in the Show Catalogue.
  • The Show Catalogue closes on 15.02.2022. After that day, no changes will be made in the Catalogue. The cats will enter the Catalogue if the payment is made within 3 days of the cat application.
  • In the unpredictable circumstances (Fors-Major) the exhibitor can get payment back or replace the applied cat before the Show.
  • Cats that have not passed the veterinary control are not allowed to be financially recompensed.


Cat One day Two days
Adult 36€ / 270kn 50€ / 375kn
Kitten/Junior 30€ / 225kn 40€ / 300kn
Neuter 22€ / 165kn 30€ / 225kn
Litter 68€ / 510kn 90€ / 675kn
WCF Ring 10€ / 75kn 18€ / 135kn


Condition Discount
KMFC members 20%
Third and every other cat of the same owner 15%
Sixth and every other cat of the same owner 60%
Early entries until 31/12/2021 15%

Extra charges:

Late payment fees +20%
Cage for a single cat 10€ / 75kn
Double cage for a single cat 20€ / 150kn
Color determination 10€ / 75kn

Breed Shows (both days)

British shorthair/longhair, Ragdoll, Bengal, Siberian/Neva Masquerade, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest

(minimum of 10 cats are needed for a breed show)

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For entry please fill the form:

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  2. The data will remain permanently stored on the server, by sending you confirm its accuracy.

Skraćeni naziv: KMFC
OIB: 14690971032
adresa: Gornje Prekrižje 42b, 10000 Zagreb
email: info@felis-croatia.hr
IBAN: HR9225000091101510713

Details for payment:

Name: KMFC
adress: Gornje Prekrizje 42b, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
IBAN: HR9225000091101510713

Bank: Addiko Bank, Zagreb, Slavonska avenija 6

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